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December 02 2017


Requirement of Document Management Software In a Business

A document management system offers customization, points of integration, ease of use and a good feature set, can easily be used to provide a DMS solution in many different business sectors.

November 24 2017

To read more about Central Document Repository, click here.

November 17 2017


Advantages of CRM Management System

CRM helps Organizations to efficiently and effectively deal with their clientele and customer. Here are the benefits of document management: it allows safe sharing of content within the organization, allow the Organisation to access a single document in multiple versions, easy reviews and much more.

November 13 2017


What Are the Benefits of Going Paperless?

There are so many advantages of choosing paperless office, still truly paperless office not been possible. Here are some benefits of going paperless like- reduce costs of purchasing and maintaining paper, store costs will also be reduced, a whole room is dedicated to storage so by choosing this more space available to their employees, quick access of the documents and much more.

November 07 2017


4 Ways Document Management Assists Your Accounting Team Efficiently Control The Business

How you store your accounting documents seriously affects your ability to plan ahead. When accounting documents go missing or retrieval is difficult, it creates serious issues during any future audit and limits your ability to create detailed cost reports and plan budgets. Competently managing accounting documents and then preserving them to meet regulatory and legal requirements should be a key priority for every finance department. 

Ultimately, the processes you use to store accounting documents has a significant impact on your ability to control critical business information. A document management solution will allow you to find, review these documents easily and offer additional business security.

October 31 2017


Leave Paper Behind, Improve Your Bottom-Line and Become Eco-Friendly

The lead taken by UK government to become fully paperless by 2020, shows there is a concerted effort to change the way we all work. Despite this lead, many companies undoubtedly face an uphill struggle to attain this goal. It’s likely many issues will have to be dealt with on the road to a greener workplace; finding technology with the tools that help make the transition easy, training staff to use new technology, adopting new methods of working, etc. Going paperless will reduce the cost of paper, and other goods and services associated with the use of paper, and it will also deliver many other benefits to deliver improvements of efficiency and productivity to businesses. Over time, it’s probable that some of the types of paper documents and files that are common place today will disappear completely and be superseded by new technology solutions yet to be developed. The means to transform from paper to digital is available now and new solutions are being developed too, and as with any transformation, problems will be encountered, new issues will be created and processes will need to be changed. The move to a paperless office and the journey along the road to a greener ‘eco-friendly’ business world was started some time ago, but now that road has become a highway and we’ll all be getting there faster!

October 16 2017


Top Customer Relationship Management System

Availing the best possible services to client and customer is one the way to distinguish you from your competitors. Here are some advantages of CRM application like it provides clear and accessible profiles of your clients, manage information related to the client, seamless Integration, data protection etc.

October 12 2017


Manage Your Electronic Documents and Information

Managing electronic assets is as important as company’s physical assets. Here is the importance of managing electronic information- employees are provided with the information they need to respond quickly,  DMS offers a level of transparency in the system etc.

October 06 2017


Grow Your Business and Help Environment by Paperless Office

The paperless office helps to improve office management practices. A DMS is used to manage and store email, conversion and indexing of paper documents and other digital files so they can be retrieved quickly. It helps to save time, effort and money.

September 21 2017


Importance of Central Document Repository

The central document repository is for those who want to protect its files and electronic assets. Here are the advantages of central document repository- Reduce the amount of disk space needed for document storage, simplify data backup, secure your most confidential data, ease the burdens of compliance and much more.

September 13 2017


Requirement of Document Workflow Automation

An organization should opt automation in their workflow because it improves document-based processes, improving productivity and business process. There are so many advantages of electronic workflow automation like- reduced manual work, efficient use of time, fewer errors, and improved communication.

September 08 2017


How is Going Paperless Advantageous for your Business?

Nowadays industries are choosing paperless office because it is beneficial for business in many ways like- increased efficiency means increased productivity, easy storage, search and retrieval of the document is quick and most important operation cost is fewer means unnecessary expense on paper, ink, toner, the significant cost of maintenance is reduced.

August 29 2017


Control Electronic Files and Documents With Top DMS

Document Mangement Software manages your document from scanning to storing in a secure central repository and it is accessible to users at any time, from anywhere. The DMS benefits business in many ways like- reduce retrieval time and storage needs, enhaced safety, security and access control and document control and workflow.

August 23 2017


Make the Transition from Paper to Paperless Office

According to time, your manual filing system should also change to manage your data efficiently. Transformation is not easy, so to make it easy you should follow some steps- review your filing systems, review the lifecycle of electronic documents and files, document routing, access rights and permissions and digital conversion of documents.

August 19 2017


Docusoft Integrates Automated Secure Portal Delivery of Private Payroll Data

Docusoft’s new productivity feature will reduce the amount of time payroll staff spend identifying, password protecting and sending PDF payslips to the correct recipient each pay period. Now, customers using Docusoft and payroll management systems can send personal pay slips to individual employees securely and automatically. 

Docusoft MD, Mr Shekhar Chauhan commented, “This brand-new feature has been created as a result of a specific customer request. The customer required a solution to automate the delivery of payslips generated by their payroll management software. Now Docusoft takes the data generated by the payroll management system and delivers individual payslips securely to the intended recipients via the Docusoft Portal.” 

To know more about Docusoft Secure Portal, click here.

August 17 2017


Payroll Management Software to Deliver Payslips Securely

The Payroll Management Software convey personal pay slips to individual employees securely and automatically. The software safely delivers payslips and ensures these documents are not accidentally sent to the unauthorized group. This also provides review, print or download payslips simply at any time.

August 08 2017


Docusoft Client Secure Portal Software in UK

An organization and firm must use a secure portal for data transfer to their clients because the data is sensitive and private. To fulfill your client's expectation so many secure portals available on the internet which provide date and time of sent document, the due date of a document, approval status of a document, reminders if the document is not reviewed by the client and much more.

August 02 2017


Advantages and Usage of Document Management System

There are so many advantages of document management system because it lessens the time-consuming paper based task, save time. boost productivity, time consumed during searching the document and most importantly reliable storage for data. For Document Management System Software contact to expert.

July 28 2017


Save Environment by Paperless Office

The paperless office is the innovative step for the business. It is the smart way to enhance your business by using workflow tools. The user can access, work on and share essential files securely. It facilitates you to share your documents electronically and reduce the manual distribution of paper. In this way, you can save paper and environment.

July 21 2017


Taking the First Steps Toward a Paperless Office

Making the transition to a paperless office has never been as easy as it is today. Businesses have a multitude of software solutions to help them. From document management and file sharing solutions to customer relationship management and collaboration software, these systems make the process much easier and the goal attainable. Going paperless provides many benefits but knowing where to actually start the journey can be challenging.
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